Wednesday, May 9, 2012

17 months

We have been having so much fun the last month.  We started the month out with an Easter Egg Hunt at St. Hilary's with the Family Life group.  Natalie had so much fun and we were lucky our cousin Carter could join us although I think he was a little confused by the idea.  I think that Natalie might be a hoarder....because she totally had the concept down and was filling her basket with eggs as fast as she could.  To the point that I had to throw some of the eggs back on the ground so some of the other kids would have eggs to find.
She is on the loose!
Go Natalie Go!
Look at all those eggs!

Carter hunting for eggs!

Easter Sunday came and was absolutely gorgeous!  We had such a wonderfully lovely day!  We woke up and let Natalie look at her easter basket for a little while.  It was filled with mish-mash fruit pouches, a few books and some easter eggs.  She was in heaven!

Little Bean with her basket!

Natalie and Mommy right before church
Natalie and Daddy before church

After church we headed over to Papa and Gigi's to eat and then lay down for a nap.  Natalie had so much fun playing with her cousins Joey and Charlie!  She is starting to really get into what they are doing and learns so much from all of her cousins!  The food that Gigi made was awesome and we stuffed ourselves silly!  Natalie layed down for a nap and we played cards while she was sleeping.  Some pictures of Joey, Charlie and Natalie.

Family picture: Easter 2012
Charlie, Amy, Joe, and Joey

There were so many other exciting events this month including:
pooped on the potty the first time on April 22, 2012
then again on April 28, 2012
peed on the potty the first time May 8, 2012

Words: so many new words!  You repeat most of what we say now!  Your favorites are:open, close, strawberry, no way, dolly, baby, semi-truck, amy, joey, charlie, uncle joey, sammie, caden(although you call him "tickory"), bye bye semi-truck, no way, yes, you can name most common animals and do their sounds, one of our favorites is blue shirt (which sounds like "bull s*%t")--it cracks us up every time, nano-ee (banana)

Natalie: You have become my buddy in lots of ways.  Mommy sometimes forgets that you are not with her in the car or at the grocery store and I talk like you are there.  I probably look pretty funny, but it is a great habit that I love!  You enrich mommy and daddy's life each and every day.  We love you more than we can ever express!
Love, Mommy