Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 38-40

Weeks 34-37

Our little chicken:)  Just a quick look at what is coming for Halloween!

Natalie says "GOOOO Browns!"  I had to put this outfit on her early (even though it was warm outside) because Miss Natalie is growing so fast that she won't fit into it pretty soon!
Silly Face

Mark, Joe, Caden, Sam and Joey out on the lake at The Family Farm

Before the kids got into the boat Aunt Marie had a talk with them about safety and staying in the boat.  This is the only moment that Joey let go of the side of the boat...he took her pretty seriously!  I absolutely LOVE this picture:)

Joey and Caden having a potty break outside! 

The girl with the crazy Cindy-Lou Who hair

Natalie's favorite buddy Ladybug at Week 37

Brian's birthday party on Labor Day

At Taste of Hudson with the Acme mascot