Sunday, January 8, 2012

13 months

Natalie you are growing up so fast...mommy can't believe how big you are getting!  At 13 months you now say: hi, out, nose, mama, daa-dee, milk, yes, no
Your favorite thing to do is to read books....lots and lots of books.  You love the Your Baby Can Read series and you ask mommy to read it several times a day!  You love truck books, any book with buttons, your First Words Book, Ladybug Books, B is for Bear, Mirror Me!, and Bright Baby Books!
You know where your head, hair, nose, ears, mouth, tummy, arms, ankles, and toes are.  We are having trouble with eyes, although you point to mommy's eyes without any trouble (thank goodness I wear glasses!).
You are on the verge of running and are very steady on your feet.

It is crazy how big you are getting!