Saturday, March 17, 2012

15 months - New words and sounds everyday!

It cracks me up that Natalie will put all kinds of things on her head including bags, hats, towels, etc. yet she is not too fond of hats when I try to make her wear them!  Such a silly little girl!
The winter of 2011-2012 was unseasonably warm and we had only a few snow storms that truly were not bad.  I was a little sad that we didn't get to play in the snow more this year, but Natalie got just enough snow to have a few fun times outside.  Here is our first snowman.  Don't make fun of him he was nearly impossible to make because we didn't have any good packing snow this year!  We did the best we could!

My wonderful husband and our daughter playing in the best toy ever, a box!  Natalie had a blast in the box laying down with ladybug pillow and putting things in and out of the box!

A few messy pictures when I let Natalie have strawberries, blackberries and a little bit of grape jelly on an English muffin!  Her reaction, "Mmmm, MMMmmm, Mmmm."

Natalie has figured out how to reach the table, counter and island to get what she wants!  We are in such trouble!  I find random things all around the house now!

Our beautiful baby and her beautiful smile!

Natalie is big into "cooking" and unloading the corner cupboard when I accidentally leave it open.  She won't open it herself anymore because she has gotten her fingers pinched many times!  She also likes to take all of the towels out of the drawer and put them on the ground and then put them back into the drawer and repeat!

We have had such fun this month!  Natalie is learning so many new words and sounds.  She says: Gigi, Nia (Nee-Ya), Mommy, Daddee, nose, eyes, ears, down, up, baby (day-dee), dolly, eat, snack, aunt ali, papa and I am sure some other words.
She has also added goat to her repertoire of animal noises.
We had a busy month and ended the month with beautiful weather in NE Ohio.  We truly didn't have a real winter this year, but mommy and Natalie have surely enjoyed getting outside extra early this year!
Funny Story that you will hate me for writing down when you are a teenager:
The first weekend in March Natalie and I ventured down to Mark and Marie's house for a visit and to go to a giant consignment sale.  The morning we left I had an oil change and was trying to run around and make sure we didn't forget anything and was going a little crazy.  I went and woke Natalie up and she had wet through the diaper and her pajamas were soaking wet.  When I realized that last part we were already downstairs so I started stripping Natalie's clothes and diaper off.  Well she is getting really fast and she snuck away from me before I could get a diaper on her.  I figured we could get her cup of milk, lay her down, and put her diaper on.  So we went in the kitchen and then it happened.  She started screaming at the top of her lungs.  And then it happened.  She pooped on the floor.  Then walked about three feet and pooped again.  Then walked to the other side of the island and peed on the floor, walked a few more feet and peed again.  So now I have poop and pee all over the floor and a slippery baby trying to run away.  I couldn't stop saying, No, No, No.  And Natalie thought it was hilarious.
This is just another way you know you're a parent.

15 month Stats:

Weight: 24 lbs 2 oz (75%)
Length: 33.1 inches (>95%)
Head Circumference: 19.1 inches (> 95%)

Friday, March 16, 2012

14 months

Dancing with Rockin' Elmo!

I love my Daddy!

What a crazy month it has been!  Just after you turned 13 months began the two solid weeks of sickness.  You had been so healthy and mommy was so glad that we had only had colds and no real fevers (except after shots). You, daddy and mommy played one night and you were having so much fun and playing and running around without any sign of illness.  Then mommy woke up at 2 am to Natalie coughing like a seal and breathing very labored.  I got pretty nervous and went and held you and you were definitely feverish and breathing about 60 breaths a minute.  You had croup! We tried steam from the shower and I took you outside in the cold air, but you just kept getting worse.  Mommy took you to the doctor's with Gigi in the morning before going off to work.  They put you on a course of steroids and you were feeling much better within 48 hours.  Then you started to have a bad runny nose along with a cough, that was no where near as bad as with croup.  That went on for a few days and then you started to act kind of cranky.  Mommy and Daddy thought that it was because you missed your nap and we still went over to Papa and Gigi's.  You played with your cousins Joey and Charlie, but just seemed off.  Later that night when we got home mommy took your temperature and it was 102.6.  You didn't seem to mind too much though!  The next day your fever went up to 103.6 and you and mommy had a very cuddly day of reading books.  I even let you watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which you seemed to like!  Your fever lasted a few days and then came the had Roseola!
Mommy is ready for her little girl to be healthy again!
At 14 months you are starting to say more words: "tank tu"(thank you), yes, no, duck, pees (please), down, up, lady (ladybug), eyes, nose, ears
You now know the animal sounds for: cat, dog, cow, horse, duck, owl, lion, tiger, monkey
You are also really starting to think things through and put together why things happen.  You love to pull things off of the counter and kitchen table.  You still love to eat...pretty much everything, although you are not eating chicken for really no reason at all.  Your favorite food of the month is blueberries.  You still love books more than any of your toys, although you are starting to push your riding toys around a lot more and you are starting to load up your wagons and push them around the house.  Your favorite book of the month is "First Look and Find-Baby Einstein" and "100 First Machines".  Sometimes mommy and daddy hide some of your books because we read them so much!