Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Week 29

"I will bite you duck, and hi-yah!"

Natalie loves this duck!  She likes that it quacks when you squeeze the belly and the mirror on the ducks belly.

Bright blue eyes!

Random Pics and The Day I Must Have Been Crazy!

Not the greatest picture, but proof that Natalie and I went to the Cleveland Zoo with Ashley, Liam and a group of JCU moms.  The day started out great, but quickly turned extremely soggy and rainy.  Natalie definitely saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes and monkeys, but we felt it best to get home after a short visit.  We look forward to going back soon!

Natalie after she sneezed while eating, carrots were all over her and me!

You see this picture and you think, Jen must have lost her mind!  I probably did, but what was great was Natalie really did it herself and she got really into it!  Her highchair needed a full washing after this experience, but it was worth the Father's Day gift for Daddy!  We only had maybe two tastes of paint when she sucked her thumb, I assure you it was Non-toxic!

The artist at work diligently

"Mom, don't bother me while I am creating!"

I wiped some of the paint off, but then walked up the stairs with Natalie held out straight in front of me.  She started her bath with her diaper on!

The lady in the tub!

"I love sucking on my fingers!"

Week 25-28

Natalie LOVES her daddy!!  Here they are in the family uniform....white t-shirt!

If you can't read the sticker on Natalie's forehead it reads, "Natural Nutrition".  She thought it was hilarious to have it on her head!

My bright blue-eyed girl!

The weekend after Mother's Day we went hiking for the first time with Natalie.  She thought the backpack was awesome and only started to fuss at the end of the trail.  Little did we realize as daddy bounced her in the pack that she had poop in her pants and it was being squished out the leg holes!!!  It was a mess!

My pretty girl first thing in the morning

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Natalie.  This shows her personality really growing and what a happy little girl she is!

A wonderful family of a former Amish patient of mine made Natalie this beautiful dress as well as a fleece blanket.  It was so nice of them and she looks so cute in her dress!

Mommy and baby

Natalie's reaction to peaches!  Her face was waaayyyy worse than the picture shows!

I love to eat!

I don't like peaches, at all!  They were too sour!

Unbelievably flexible

Happy little soul at 26 weeks!

Mmmmm banana on my face!

This was the best I could do this week!  Natalie was having a trying day!