Thursday, August 9, 2012

20 months---words words words!

You started speaking in sentences most of the time during the last month.  You have pretty much stopped any frustrated screaming because now you can tell us what you need all the time!  Mommy loves that!  Your favorite things to say are: "Mommy, how we doin'?" we answer you with good, wonderful, amazing, awesome and then ask you back and you answer usually with "wunderful, dood(good), etc.; It's ok mommy; Daddy, please the princess (put on the Princess who saved herself song in the car); I love you; and so much more!

We went to a splash park with Liam and Aunt Ashley and we had a blast!

Funny Liam!

Natalie and the Crocodile that shoots water!

Daddy showing you how the forklift works!

Sitting on the tractor!

"So when can take this thing out for a spin?"

You got up early one Sunday morning and we went to church and you were beat when we got home.  We were trying to get you to eat lunch after church and you kept falling asleep in you high chair.  We finally gave in and just put you to bed.

Hanging out with Liam in a toybox at Mike and Beth LaGamba's house!

Mommy and Natalie met up with Aunt Marie, Caden and Samantha in Columbus at COSI.  Playing in the lobby while we waited for our cousins to come!

Caden and Sammie looking through a hole in the floor of the play area!

Natalie playing with a baby doll!  Pointing out the baby's mouth,

Cheeseball Caden!

Our best attempt at a group shot!

Natalie playing in a fountain at Easton was a little chilly, but it didn't stop our waterbaby!

Going to get the tractor with Daddy!
He even let you drive it back up to the driveway!

Daddy and Natalie

At the Akron Zoo with Liam, Aunt Ashley, Mommy and Natalie.
Natalie driving the truck with Liam sitting in the passenger side!

Under the sea exhibit.  It had a touch tank and Natalie even touched a stingray (with mommy's help)!

Riding the train

"Mom, I don't want to sit on the's too hot!"

Sitting on a toad

Mommy couldn't resist this picture: Daddy and Natalie both on phones together

Friday, August 3, 2012

19 months

We are starting to ask ourselves if time is flying by faster and faster each month, it sure seems like it!  You are growing up so fast and you are becoming such a big girl.  Mommy and Daddy love you very much and we are so lucky to have you as our little girl.  You amaze us every day and our love for you grows with each passing moment!  We love you very much!

Pretty girl in her beautiful strawberry dress!
Looking so grown up on the front steps!
On the Elmo Sit and Spin!  Soon after it moved onto the carpet!
The only picture I could get of Natalie on her ladybug ride-on toy outside!  Don't worry she was fine!
Talking on her peanut butter toast phone!
"Mmmmm peanut butter"
Pretty girl playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house
We left to go to Saugatuck, Michigan for a week of vacation on Friday, June 22, 2012.  Natalie, Gigi and I drove up late after work and got to the house a little after 10 pm.  It was just over 5 hours from home, which was a perfect distance.  We spent our days playing outside, going to the beach and exploring Saugatuck and Fennville.  I was only able to stay until Wednesday, but Natalie stayed with Gigi and Papa for another two days and from what I hear was very well behaved.
Digging in the sand on the beach
"Mom stop bugging me while I work!"
Having a snack on the beach
Sammie, Marie, Caden, and Charlie
Caden and Charlie
Your favorite food: WATERMELON!

This face is pure summer joy!  Hair still full of sunscreen and a little wet, watermelon juice running down your chin and arms, while outside eating dinner!

Playing in the park around a gazebo near this neat tree!
Sitting outside relaxing with Aunt Marie and Sammie!

Uncle Joe and Uncle Mark teaching the kids how to throw pizza dough up in the air.  Probably the hardest I have laughed in a long time! 

Sammie riding the tricycle on the driveway
Natalie strutting her stuff in her bathing suit
Sammie playing with a big frisbee, while the boys played soccer
Charlie sitting on a ball.  I think he thought if he sat on the ball then no one could take it from him!
Joey dancing to the music
Caden showing his moves
Caden and Natalie dancing to the music!
Daddy came up for a quick dinner one evening which was an awesome surprise!  We were really glad to see him even if it was for just a short time!
Gigi and Papa with four of the kids
Sammie, Papa, Joey, Caden, Natalie and Gigi
Natalie kept climbing behind the chair with Ladybug and resting against the chair.
It was a great hiding place!
Gigi and the big boys walking on the beach
Natalie and Mommy on the beach
(I still can't believe I let her take Ladybug to the beach!)
Mark and Sammie
Marie, Mark, Sammie and Caden (probably one of the last family photos with four)
Joe and Charlie heading home
Natalie sitting on a bench in downtown Saugatuck
It sounds silly but this was one of Natalie's favorite parts of vacation. She had a good time beating the signs with shovels and hitting them with her hands!

On the way to the Cleveland Zoo with Ashley and Liam Haskins!  You were sleeping so peacefully that I really didn't want to wake you when we got there!

Riding the choo-choo train at the zoo!

Liam being Liam

On our way out of the zoo!  It was in the mid-90s and extremely humid!

I love blueberry jam...thanks Gigi!