Thursday, September 13, 2012

21 months

Man are we ever having fun!!  Mommy and you have been going lots of places and having lots of fun!  You love to go to the park....any park, all parks, as often as possible.  You love going to Croghan Park in Fairlawn, but it is a little hard for mommy to keep you safe because the playground equipment is for a little bit bigger kids.  You are getting better and better at the slides, the stairs and the whole park.  Mommy's favorite park is Bath Township Community Park on Cleveland-Massillon Road because you can run around like a crazy girl without any help!
Coming down the twisty slide

Pretty girl at the bottom of the slide
This picture was for Daddy when he was working in Missouri.

Bath Park

Mommy and Natalie at Bath Park
We went to the Taste of Hudson and they had a Little Tykes Kids Land that you loved!

Driving the School Bus

"Mom, move out of the way!"

Playing with the Market

Coming down the slide at Croghan Park
Just a little bit sweaty!

I love the swings!

We had a picnic at Croghan Park on Labor Day to celebrate Daddy's birthday
Natalie thought that was pretty fun!  We had yogurt, cheese, watermelon and a blueberry muffin!


You took every single one of the towels, washcloths, and placemats out of the drawer in the kitchen and laid them flat on one of the kitchen chairs.  It kept you busy for a long time, but it let mommy make yummy Zucchini Chocolate Chunk Bread!
 Your favorite books this month are: Stuart at the Library, Under the Sea, Go Dog Go!, Cinderella, Little Rabbit's Baby Sister, The Tickle Monster, Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You!, Your Baby Can Read, and pretty much any other book you can get your hands on!
You are becoming quite an artist with chalk on the driveway and crayons in your coloring books.
You pretty much speak in sentences all of the time.  You have started to stay "No" a bit more and you are starting to have your moments of meltdown, but so far so good.
Some of our favorite things you say:
Sing Mary has a Little Lamb, Happy Birthday and the theme song for Sesame Street
Daddy is working in Missouri on the towers.
Mommy goes to the office to help the little kids.
I want to go to Gigi's house!
I Love you Daddy/Mommy!
I am hungry, I want to eat!