Monday, April 9, 2012

16 months

This month you and mommy went to Florida to have a little vacation and to see Gigi and Aunt Re.  They were in Florida for three weeks in March and we spent the last week of their stay with them.  It was a good thing we went when we did because a few short weeks later Papa and Gigi sold the house in Fort Myers.  You got to ride on an airplane for the first time with mommy and Papa.  You did really well and even napped on the plane.  We got down the Florida and you were the princess of the house for the week!  You had a blast!
Drinking your milk on the screened in porch one morning!
At the Naples Zoo... you were so incredibly sweaty and hot!
Feeding the giraffe with mommy...she had a really long tongue!  You were a little scared but you did great!

Walking with Papa
I think your favorite part of any day!  Eating orange/vanilla swirl ice cream!  You pretty much attacked the ice cream cone!
All pretty for church!
Showing off your bikini body and doing your favorite thing...carrying books around the house and handing them to all of us!
My bathing beauty on the beach
Mommy and Natalie at the beach
So beautiful

Playing with the ball with Papa

On the way home you and Mommy went to the airport and got ready to get on the plane.  You did great except for one thing...  We were walking around the airport and you wanted to go back into a store after we left and mommy didn't want you to and you decided to drop to the ground and twist.  Needless to say you had a Nursemaid's Elbow (dislocated elbow).  A little while later when you couldn't eat your snack because your elbow hurt everytime you bent it mommy took you in the airplane bathroom and put it back in place.  After that you were the happiest baby on the planet.  The rest of the trip was easy!
Laying on the pile of towels after a busy day
We went to the Akron zoo with your cousin Annie and you had a blast!  I think the lion and the penguins were your favorite!

Pretty girl
Rubbing the penguins tummy

While mommy was at work you played with Gigi and then your cousins Caden and Sam and your Aunt Marie came to our house for dinner before going to Gigi and Papa's for the weekend. Uncle Mark joined them the next day. You played outside with Caden and Sam because we have been having beautiful 70s and 80s temperatures lately. Aunt Marie brought you inside to change you out of your bathing suit and diaper and what did you peed on the floor!! This is becoming too frequent Miss Nat! We are going to have to put an end to this!

We had Joey's 4th birthday party and I think all of the kids had a blast.  Natalie, you slept through almost the entire party and missed the egg hunt, cake, and most of dinner!  Mommy didn't mind that you took a four hour were so well rested and happy when you woke up!

Joey, Sammie, Natalie and Caden (aka Batman)

The aftermath of learning to feed yourself (it was acorn squash)
Your first popsicle

 You and daddy love Cool Whip...mommy let you have some with Angel Food Cake!  You kept saying over and over again, "Mmmmm,mmm,mmm."

 You love these red shoes....except they barely fit you!  You bring them to me and say "shooez" all the time and I stuff your feet into them one more time!  They clunk kind of like old lady high heels!

 You HAD to feed yourself prunes today!

 One night you decided to try on mommy's shoes and walk around the kitchen with them on.  It cracked mommy up!  You did great and didn't trip at all!
 One shoe
 Two shoes

 Dressed up to meet the Easter Bunny

Words you have learned this month: wheels, whoa whoa whoa, snack, sho-vel, open (opeles), ball (finally you actually say ball instead of "mo"), Elmo, Abby, egg, cheese, basket, cake, mommy, daddy, Maw-ley (Marley), Nia, out, Dolly (dow-ree) and probably a ton more. You have taken to repeating everything good and bad that we say! I love the personality you are have really decreased the amount of screaming this month because I think your frustration with not finding the words has really gone down! We are working really hard at behaving in church, but you are just so excited to talk that you don't know how loud you are (mommy used to have the same problem)!   The words are starting to just explode more and more everyday!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and how you are developing!